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This site is desgined and maintained by two Blues junkies who do it for the love of the Blues. It is not a commercial site in any way. We just want to share with others our favorite Blues artists (some of who may or may not be familiar to you- hopefully we can turn you on to some new Blues players!) as well as give tribute to them all and especially to the "forerunners", whom without we not have the Blues of today. Our focus here is to be a visual tribute site- the links are where you will find more "hard" information about the artists.

We have tried to give credit to any and all photos but had poor suceess in tracking down who took many of these awesome pictures. If you see one of your pictures on this site without credit and/or would like them credited/and or removed please contact us! We don't want to infringe on your artistic rights.

Any of the illustrations are our copyright so please do not use without asking for permission.

The content on the pages are solely our opinion and not meant to be the end word on any given artist. We've listed our favorite and to us the most informative links for each artist. The concert ticket stubs are all from concerts we've attended over the years (and enjoyed immensely!) Again these are only concerts we've seen- not to say they were the total best or worst!

The fave CD's are just our personal favorites.

We would love to add any links you suggest that seem pertinent/informative/not repetitive so please contact us! If you'd like to add our link/logo to your own Blues page/site please contact us and we'll supply you with our logo.

Suggestions of Blues Artists to add here (especially new and upcoming ones!) are welcome.

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